For years we have been deeply committed to a successful and gentle outpatient radiosurgical treatment using our sophisticated therapy systems. In addition to a private and friendly atmosphere, we offer our patients a comprehensive oncology and radiooncology care as a result of our intensive cooperation with universities, hospitals, clinics, doctors and health insurance companies. [continue]

CyberKnife Technology

We use a clinically established and robot-guided high-precision technology. CyberKnife ensures one of the most advanced therapies for treating many tumour types along with maximum comfort for the patient. Our team has been participating in the development of the CyberKnife System for decades. Thereby we guarantee the worldwide highest safety and quality standards. [continue]

Scientific Excellence

Our advanced technology is combined with our interdisciplinary university expertise. Our patrons, team of doctors and specialists come from prestigious university hospitals and scientific-technological institutes. Their professional expertise and qualifications guarantee the further development of radiosurgery for the benefit of the patients. [continue]

Precision is our Promise!